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Akileine Revitalizing Foot Bath Tablets 6 x 20g


Brand Akileine

Akileine Red Bath Salts relax, strengthen and deodorise the feet. It cleanses the skin and eliminates toxins from the epidermis. The mint and menthol extracts work to provide an immediately refreshing and relaxing sensation. The essential oils of pine, mint, rosemary, soft orange and eucalyptus also work to deodorise the skin and provide a pleasant scent. The bath salts deep cleanses the skin and eliminates toxins from the top layer of your skin as well – leaving them refreshed and ready for a new day.

  • Immediate effect
  • Feet are refreshed and relaxed
  • Strengthens, asepticises and deodorises the feet
  • Used by chiropodists worldwide
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