Alma Nail Polish - Dusty Collection

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Color: 14 (Glitter)

Vendor: Alma
Introducing the captivating Dusty Collection by Alma, an exquisite range of nail polish shades that redefine elegance with their subtle yet sophisticated allure. Inspired by muted tones and understated beauty, this collection offers a curated selection of dusty hues that radiate a refined charm. From muted mauves to soft greiges and gentle earthy tones, each shade captures the essence of subdued elegance. Alma's Dusty Collection features a meticulously crafted formula, ensuring a flawless application that imparts a velvety smooth finish to your nails. Embrace the understated beauty and timeless appeal of the Dusty Collection, where muted colors take center stage, creating a captivating harmony of refined and sophisticated manicures.
How to use
  • Prepare nails: Clean and dry your nails before application for a smooth surface.
  • Apply in layers: Apply a base coat, followed by two thin coats of Alma nail polish, allowing each coat to dry before adding the next. Finish with a top coat for added shine and durability.