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Avene Men Creme De Barbear - 100ml


Brand Avene

The shaving cream with a brush * is created to prevent microbial hazards and immediately relieves skin irritations.
Contains Nisidini, ingredient limits the proliferation of bacteria and thermal waters Avene.
It is soothing, anti-irritating to the skin and is designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

The soft and rich texture, wraps and softens the hair making it easier shaving.
It is specifically designed for tough beards that are difficult to shave.

Instructions for use:
On moist skin, or in a bowl shaving add a small amount of cream. Work with the brush for a little foam until they become dense. Sprinkle with Avene thermal spring water to avoid burning shaving. Apply your usual care product to shaving to clean dry skin.

Delivered anywhere in Lebanon.

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