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Avene Men Shaving Cream - 100ml


Brand Avene

It is admitted that mechanical shaving can provoke micro-cuts which can infect, and all sorts of more or less severe attacks. Avène Men Shaving Cream, with shaving brush, has been formulated to minimize these problems by offering an triple effectiveness : soothe, clear-up, moisturise.

Its soothing properties are given by Avene Thermal Spring Water. It alleviates and calms the razor burn.
It moisturises skin, thanks to the moisturising* active ingredients, and protects the hydrolipidic film of skin.
It clears up skin from bacterias thanks to triclosan.

Designed for hard beards, more difficult to shave, this Shaving with shaving brush is soft and creamy textured, and it makes shaving easier by wraping and softening the hair, thus eliminating all discomfort feelings.

Alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, non comedogenic.

* of the outer layers of skin.

Delivered anywhere in Lebanon.

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