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Avene Mosaic Powder


Brand Avene

Its combination of natural hues allow matt, fix or highlighting makeup.

No flavorings, preservatives and parabens.

3 shades as skin tone:

  •      transparent
  •      glow
  •      bronze
  1. Provides a silky veil of skin.
  2. Refracts light in a harmonious way.
  3. High degree of finish: water resistant, sweat and friction. completion of corrective makeup.

Every shade of powder-palette allows checkmatefix or highlight makeup on sensitive skin.

  • Transparent palette with transparent colors matt tan or fix makeup pale skin.
  • Glow Palette makeup pale skin, dull complexion underlines skin and provides a healthy look to mature skin.
  • Bronze palette with shades of gold gives a very natural tan and makeup highlights.

Delivered anywhere in Lebanon.

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