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Beesline x L'Armoire de Lana Special Edition


Brand Beesline

A set of Lana's favorite tanning oil and lotion in a limited edition transparent pouch.

* Beesline tanning oil will not only give you the right tan but also the right shine for the summer.

100% Natural formula rich in pure carrot extract, it:

  • Acts as a natural tanning enhancer
  • Produces a visibly golden tan in a short time
  • Protects skin cells from the harmful effects of UV rays
  • Enhances the skin tone, improves its elasticity & reduces the appearance of wrinkles


* Beesline After Sun Cooling Lotion 

A cooling formula after sun exposure, rich in natural active ingredients, it:

  • Soothes redness, hydrates & refreshes the skin
  • Regenerates the skin tissues
  • Nourishes & seals sun-burnt and damaged skin
  • Protects the skin from premature aging due to sun damage

Spray as needed over the face & body while & after sun bathing.

* Enjoy using our pouch and taking it everywhere.

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