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Bou Shanab Rawa2 Men Grooming Kit - Ultimate Gift Set

$80.00 $69.00

Brand Bou Shanab

Our Beard Kit "3ilbit el 3iddeh" is beautifully hand-crafted and includes everything you need to start taking care of your beard and mustache for epic results and is perfect as a gift.  It includes:

  • Bou Shanab Beard Oil
  • Bou Shanab Beard Balm
  • Bou Shanab Mustache Wax
  • Bou Shanab Wooden Comb
  • Bou Shanab Beard Soap

Rawa2 is a fresh and crisp blend. We perfectly mixed a spicy and idiosyncratic scent with charming and delightful citrusy notes for a unique irresistible aroma. It’s a fragrance that is guaranteed to give you vivacity and spark.

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