Eco Elicina Cream Pump 50ml


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The effective response of the skin cosmetics line Elicina ECO to sensitive and dry skin and mature skin. 
ECO as Elicina cream, also Elicina ECO Plus contains 80% of purified Chilean snail drool of the species Helix Aspersa Muller, the precious substance that makes it extraordinarily effective products of the line, plus a clever mix of ecological and skin-compatible ingredients that make up 20% of the cream base. 
The difference is given by a richer texture, silky, velvety, and more emollient contribution, to better meet the needs of dry skin, redness, sensitive. 
The synergy between the mucopolysaccharides and other fine ingredients (allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, proteins, peptides, vitamins) in the burr, in natural form and bioavailable, responds extremely well to the demands of a dry skin, proven by the rhythms of contemporary life and the aggression of external environmental agents, more prone to the onset of wrinkles, blemishes, redness. 
Elicina ECO Plus cream, thanks to the presence of the fluid of snail in very high concentration, in fact plays combined actions that lead to a gentle and continuous regeneration of the skin. 
The nutritional value and elasticity of collagen, vitamins and elastin, joins the antioxidant and soothing allantoin, while the gentle exfoliating action of glycolic acid removes dead skin cells and evens the complexion, while maintaining the utmost delicacy. 
The result of these synergistic actions is the indispensable help in the fight against the most common blemishes: 
wrinkles, age spots, acne marks, stretch marks, scars and redness. 
Elicina ECO Plus respects the physiology of the skin and it also takes care of the environment. 
The skin regains its natural softness and elasticity, and regains its healthy and smooth appearance. 
A new light will shine on the face, an expression of his being. 
Elicina ECO Plus does not contain parabens, paraffin, colorants or perfume, to ensure maximum tolerability. 
Discover the Pocket format or the version for normal skin, combination or oily. 

Instructions for Use 
Elicina ECO Plus is applied morning and evening on clean skin, massaging gently. 
Dispense a small amount of product and apply it to the affected area or all over the face, avoiding the eye area. 
Elicina ECO Plus is very quickly absorbed, leaving your skin hydrated and a pleasant feeling of softness. It is ideal as a daily beauty treatment for dry and sensitive skin, and is also a 'good base for makeup. 
To benefit most from its efficacy is recommended continued use for at least 60 days, but already after 4 weeks you can enjoy the best results. 
We suggest not to exceed in the use of Elicina ECO Plus to avoid excessive exfoliation: should this occur, suspend for a few days using the product and take it back, or reduce the number of daily applications from two to one. 
For very sensitive skin or prone to spots, the use of Elicina ECO products is not recommended during the hot months (June to September), during which it is suggested the application of a day cream with sunscreen.