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Isis Pharma NeoTone Radiance SPF 50 Depigmenting Cream


Brand Isis Pharma

NEOTONE radiance efficiently removes pigmentation spots with its SPF 50+ protection and its combination of powerful actives which reduce their intensity and contribute to their elimination.

Formula suitable for sensitive skin.

Clinically proven efficacy.


 ASCORBIC ACID: enhances skin radiance, reveals and renews a luminous skin
 DIACETYL BOLDINE: reduces the melanin production by   leaving tyrosinase in its inactive form
 BIOMIMETIC PEPTID: (encapsulated in a liposome vehicle) decreases proteins involved in the pigmentation process and so reduces the tyrosinase and melanin synthesis
 UVB/UVA CHEMICAL AND MINERAL FILTERS large spectrum: protect the skin against sun damages


Apply on the morning to the whole face and neck, or as directed by your dermatologist or healthcare professional. Avoid any contact with eyes.

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