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Chanel La Ligne De Chanel Eyeliner Duo


Brand Chanel

The perfectly lined eye is easy to achieve with this mistake-proof eyeliner duo.

Product details
LA LIGNE DE CHANEL is a compact eyeliner that contains two shades in a single case for a smoky or graphic result.

Its rich texture provides extremely comfortable application for an intense and precise line.

Its long-wear formula keeps makeup in place all day long.

The sharp and stylised line is perfectly adaptable. It enhances the eyes with matte or scintillating radiance.

To play with the mystery of captivating sensuality, use LA LIGNE DE CHANEL with the EXCEPTIONNEL DE CHANEL mascara.

How to use
Two different applicators deliver multiple effects.
Dampen the brush applicator and use the Black Matte shade to define the upper lashline with a thin line from the outer to inner corner of the eye.
Using the sponge-tip applicator, apply a layer of the Black Pearl shade on top for an intense makeup result.
May also be used along the lower lashline to create a smoky 'halo' effect.
Choose Black Matte or Black Pearl, based on desired makeup result.

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