Lagoon 24HR Active Freshness Deo Spray for Women 200ml - 5 Scents

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Scent: Ocean Breeze

Jasmine Dream
Ocean Breeze
Pretty Protect
Soft Refresh
Amber Touch
Vendor: Lagoon

Whether you are seeking a calm scent or an active scent for your day to day lifestyle, we offer the right choice for you. Enjoy the Lagoon Intense Scent Effective 24h active
freshness. Perfumed Deodorant.

  • Deodorant (No Aluminum)
  • 24h Long Lasting Active Freshness
  • Acts as antibacterial by killing odor causing germs on the skin while giving fresh sense with different smells.
How to use

Hold the can about 15cm (6 inches) away from your underarm and spray the deodorant evenly on clean and dry skin. Allow it to dry before dressing. Use as directed for long-lasting freshness and protection against body odor. Avoid applying the deodorant to broken or irritated skin, and discontinue use if any irritation occurs. Choose from the available scents based on your preference.