Lagoon Roll-On 48H Anti-Perspirant for Men 50ml - 5 Scents

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Scent: Pure Seduction

Pure Seduction
Masculine Essence
Perfect Energy
Natural Protection
Fresh Effect
Vendor: Lagoon

Whatever your lifestyle is, LAGOON provides you a Roll On Antiperspirant suitable
for your day to day routine.

  • Antiperspirant (No Alcohol)
  • 48h Active Protection
  • Acts by reducing amount of sweat on the skin
  • Rich in emollients to have soft and smooth feeling
How to use

To use Lagoon Roll-On 48H Anti-Perspirant for Men, apply a thin layer to clean, dry underarms, and experience the long-lasting protection and one of the five invigorating scents that will keep you feeling fresh and confident all day long.