Jardin Bio

Jardin BiO is a product of LÉA NATURE group, distributed in organic, delicatessen, supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Jardin BiO aims to provide healthy and accessible organic food products for everyone.
Today, the brand offers 550 organic products to accompany you throughout the day! From breakfast (mueslis, spread, tea ...) to lunch (express packets, canned vegetables ...), afternoon tea (biscuits, spreads, shortbread ...) to the preparations of your meals (lemon juice, coconut oil, cubic broths ...).
Choosing our products means associating to strong commitments. Because the protection of the environment is a major issue, our teams are constantly working on the eco-design of our packaging! So you can recycle your tea bags directly to compost after use.
That's not all ! To participate actively in the safeguarding of our planet, Jardin BiO is member since 2007 of the collective 1% for the planet! For more than 10 years, the brand has returned 1% of its turnover to environmental protection actions. Choosing one of our products is a gesture for the planet.
Since 2014, Jardin BiO is the first national organic brand to have freed itself from palm oil for all its products! By choosing to ban palm oil from our products, we oppose deforestation, and therefore the removal of habitats for many species.
With 12 production sites in the area, Jardin BiO is a historic brand of organic food in France and has in its lap the oldest organic cannery in France, located in Bazens in the Lot-et-Garonne! Thus, 80% of our products are manufactured in France. The quality of raw materials and manufacturing processes is at the heart of our approach. We favor organic supplies in France, whenever the sectors exist and the quantity and quality are at the rendezvous.
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Jardin Bio Relaxing Infusion
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Jardin Bio Relaxing Infusion

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Verbena, linden and hawthorn are known for their soothing properties. The combination of these 3 plants associated with the sweetness of anise thus contributes to calm and serene nights.