Kiko Milano Ray Of Love Valentine Collection

RAY OF LOVE: get ready to dazzle thanks to the most powerful beauty elixir, love
What better occasion than Valentine’s day to celebrate love in all its shades? Whether you are looking for the perfect gift to surprise your sweetheart or some pampering as part of your dream beauty routine, the RAY OF LOVE collection is perfect for you. Love makes us even more beautiful and radiant, and for this celebration of lovers KIKO is offering the unique look that only love can give you. 
Because it will literally make you lose your mind:
Tempt yourself with:
- LIP makeup products to show off a DAZZLING KISS-PROOF SMILE
- FACE makeup products for NATURALLY RADIANT SKIN
- EYE makeup products to enhance THE GLINT IN YOUR EYES
-skincare products to PAMPER YOUR SKIN
- Body splash to bring a ROMANTIC NOTE to your beauty routine
- A makeup products kit for lips and eyes to recreate the LOOK OF LOVE any time you desire, wherever you are
Fall in love with KIKO and radiate with the look of love! ❤️ 
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