The Feel22 #MoreMe Movement

Do you ever doubt yourself? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and wondering “What if?”
Our relationship with our bodies is constantly being tested, one day you might feel confident about your look, and the next you're not.
Unrealistic beauty norms are constantly being fed to us through our family, entourage and social media, turning us against ourselves and disabling us from being kind to ourselves.
Remember no matter what your insecurities are all about, appreciate yourself! Each person is unique, and everyone has a special thing to highlight. Appreciate your uniqueness and let it out.You can be a much happier person once you figure out who you truly are and when you learn how to be yourself.
In a time and place where individuality should be celebrated, today more than ever, we are calling you to be More You.
Appreciate Who You Are
Be Confident with Who You Are
Be LESS of THEM and be MORE of YOU!
FEEL22 Team

To Celebrate individuality, we launched the #MoreMe Merch, as a constant daily reminder to be More of You! 

You can purchase this bundle below! Or get the individual items as gifts if you spend 250,000 LBP or more on the website! 

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