Lexy Saved by Lifeguard Summer collection launch at Janna Sur Mer

Lexy Saved by Lifeguard Summer collection launch at Janna Sur Mer

There is nothing better than having hot glossy nail polish to add a finishing touch to your new tan. This summer, Feel22 brings to you the new summer collection ‘Saved by Lifeguard’ by Lexy cosmetics, a Lebanese nail polish brand. This is the second time feel22 collaborates with a brand to bring exclusive new products to the Lebanese beauty community.

On August 6, Lexy cosmetics held their first event at Jana sur mer. The choice of the location was perfect considering the theme of their new collection. Jana sur mer is a luxurious resort, well known as an ultimate destination for relaxation and fun. The ambiance created in this resort helped the guests enjoy the new colors under the sunset. Bloggers and influencers attended the event.



The collection generated positive feedback from the guests, many expressed their satisfaction with the colors and quality of the collection. Even though this collection consists of only four colors, it truly accommodates to a variety of preferences.



The ‘Saved by Lifeguard’ collection involves the following new colors: “21. Sun kissed” a beautiful nude pink, “22. Perfect Tan” a neon hot pink, “23. Saved By Lifeguard” a fuchsia, and “24. Sunset Cocktail” an intense red. This collection is perfect to spice up your looks this summer! You can find it among other authentic products exclusively on our website Feel22.com.

This event was also covered by Sayidati magazine and Yasmina.


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