Who are the top 10 Lebanese Makeup Artists on social Media?

Lebanese beauty standards have pushed our local Make-up Artists to reach international level and fame. And for a lot of them, social media plays a big role in promoting their looks and sometime products.

We’ve compiled a list of the most influential Lebanese Makeup Artists on Social Media. Here’s our top 10, ranked by alphabetical order.

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Bassam Fattouh

Bassam Fattouh is a pioneer in Lebanese beauty. His collaboration with international brands and celebrities like Dior and Elissa pushed him to create pieces of art like his iconic smoky-eye look with an alluring oriental twist He also successfully launched his own brand of beauty products and Cosmetics.



Christian Abou Haidar

Merging simplicity in a daring look is one of Christian Abou Haidar’s hobbies! We always find that simple look focusing on light colors and using dark wisely. He surely is one of the best Lebanese makeup artists working with celebrities like Elissa and Yara.


Colette Iskandar

Never afraid to be bold, always trying new. Colette is known for her original makeup that give every women the wild side of her character!


Fady Kataya

Classic is his way! Fady Kataya never misses giving you the innocence shadow, he focuses on bringing the youth out of you in a perfect and attractive look! Working with the star Nancy Ajram he never fails to make her take our breath away! He recently created a beautiful series of tutorials in collaboration with YSL Beauty.



Hala Ajam

Natural is definitely her favorite shade. Hala tends to give Arab women a natural look without removing their identity. Even when using dark colors in her makeups you can always see natural touches! Follow her inspiring blog


Maya Yammine

Maya Yammine aims to dazzle your senses! She dares to use bright colors and always has an attractive touch in her makeup, focusing on making the eyes a center of attention she always leaves you with the perfect look!



Rolande Kassis

Oriental, Simple, original and classy, find it all in one touch by Rolande Kassis, she works on modifying her makeup technique to fit your character and style!


Roula Riachi

A special touch to Lebanese confident women! Focusing on bringing the strong woman in you Roula gives you the perfect look for your special events!


Samer Khouzami

Focusing on contouring, Samer tends to give every details in the women’s face its importance, always choosing the right texture and showing the beautiful aspects in every face! With over 1.5 Million Instagram followers, he has a following in every continent on the planet.


Yvonne Hatem

Yvonne uses pastel colors to always give you the perfect simple and natural look, going through her pictures you can feel the unique and simple style she gives to all her beautiful dolls!


* All pictures are taken from the makeup artists social media accounts

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