ACM Sebionex Trio Face Cream 40ml

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This corrective cream for oily and imperfection-prone skin, is used on the face, either alone or in supplement to anti-acne treatments.

Highly effective against the most severe of acne-induced imperfections, this cream combines 3 complementary actions:

- It reduces imperfections, exfoliates gently and limits the formation of blackheads (thanks to AHA salts and esters, along with salicylic acid).

- It regulates sebum production thanks in particular to zinc gluconate.

- It soothes, moisturises and mattifies thanks to vitamin PP, bisabolol, ammonium lactate and glycerine.

The complexion is durably mattified, the skin is no longer shiny and the face is clearer.

  • SKIN TYPE Combination to oily skin, acne-prone skin
  • GALENIC Cream
  • WHEN Morning and/or evening
  • BENEFITS Corrects, moisturises and soothes
  • PRESENTATION 40 ml Tube