Alline ProMen Hair Growth 30 Capsules

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Alline proMEN! Designed especially to slow down male hair loss. This unique formula combines a high dose of high-quality keratin with Capillus veneris, 11 vitamins and 2 minerals.

Capillus veneris is an important ingredient in the composition ofAlline proMEN. It has antioxidant properties. This means it can have a genuine impact on male hair loss.

Alline proMEN slows down male hair loss:

- During a temporary period of stress and fatigue

- Following an emotional upset

- During the change of seasons

- Following major weight loss or a poorly balanced diet

- In the case of a genetic predisposition


Composition per dose (1 tablet)

Patented keratin (Keramax®): 500 mg

Extract of Capillus veneris 150 mg

Minerals: 100% RI - Iron: 14 mg (iron gluconate) - Zinc: 10 mg (zinc gluconate)

Vitamins: 100% RI - ß-carotene: 4.8 mg - Vit. B1: 1.1 mg (thiamine hydrochloride) - Vit. B2: 1.4 mg (riboflavin) - Vit. B3: 16 mg (nicotinamide) - Vit. B5: 6 mg (D-calcium pantothenate) - Vit. B6: 1.4 mg (pyridoxine hydrochloride) - Vit. B8: 50 µg (D-biotin) - Vit. B9: 200 µg (folic acid) - Vit. B12: 2.5 µg (cyanocobalamin) - Vit. C: 80 mg (sodium L-ascorbate) - Vit. E: 12 mg (D-αtocopheryl succinate)


It is recommended to take Alline proMEN based on a daily dose of 1 tablet for a period of 3 months at mealtimes, with a glass of water, to slow down hair loss.


In addition to containing a very wide range of ingredients and with a bioavailability of 95%, Alline proMEN has been clinically proven to be effective:

100%of men experience less hair loss

100%of men have glossier hair

92%of men have stronger hair

+ No side effects