Avene Thermal Spring Soothing Water

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Size: 150ml

Vendor: Avene

Avène Thermal Spring Water has a pure and particular composition that grants this water unique attributes. Originating in the Cévennes Mountains it goes on an underground journey of over 50 years. This allows this water to achieve a unique and rich composition. Because it is bottled in a sterile environment and has a unique packaging its pureness is guaranteed. With anti-irritating and soothing properties, this water can be applied in a number of situations.

Basically, you can use it whenever your skin is in need of immediate comfort. Whether on day to day routines, such as after removing makeup or after exercise or in particular situations such as sunburns, this product will instantly refresh, hydrate and soothe the skin.

With powerful properties, this water is ideal to carry with you on every occasion. It is perfect to refresh and hydrate your skin in the heat or to take with you on a journey. It can calm redness, diaper rash and eczemas immediately comforting your skin. You can also apply it after post-laser and post-peeling.

In essence, it helps fortify the skin reducing the sensitivity being ideal to apply whenever necessary in sensitive or irritated skin to refresh, hydrate and comfort.