Azalia Precious Set

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Castor oil - Lashes growth oil - Lip tint oil - Foot balm - Deodorant - White musk body
lotion - Facial coffee scrub - Mur face butter.

-Castor oil:
All skin types, hair loss enhancer - Comedogenic: 1
Used in traditional medicine for hair loss, castor oil also moisturizes the scalp, eases dandruff,
and leaves your hair smooth and shiny.
-Lashes growth oil:
This Stunning eyelashes  & eyebrows serum doubles as a styling serum and hair growth
enhancer. It is formulated to deliver ultimate nourishment that strengthens, conditions, and
enhances lashes and brows follicles from root to tip. 
Can be used 5 minutes before mascara.
-Lip tint oil:
Long-lasting beetroot lip & cheek tint for red lips, flushed cheeks, and a slight “sunburned” look
-Foot balm:
Foot Balm – Moisturizer - Heals cracked feet - Push up stick
 Applying foot balm soothes your feet. (relieves psoriasis & eczema)
-Unisex deodorant:
Natural deodorant for sensitive skin for men and women 24-Hour, Aluminum-Free. PUSH UP
TUBE 100% biodegradable and recyclable making this natural deodorant super eco-friendly and
healthier for your skin.
-White musk body lotion:
 Deeply moisturizes, keeps skin nourished and smooth. This unique lotion provides long lasting
hydration, while nourishing your skin without feeling sticky or heavy.
-Facial coffee scrub:
Coffee scrub exfoliates the surface of your skin, lifting away dull skin.
-Mur anti aging face butter:
It is lightweight and easily absorbed, leaving the skin silky smooth without a greasy feeling. It is rich in anti-aging nutrients, oleic acid and antioxidants.