Azalia The Trio Set

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Unisex deodorant - Foot balm massage stick - Glow face moisturizer.
-Unisex deodorant:
Natural deodorant for sensitive skin for men and women 24-Hour,
Aluminum-Free. PUSH UP TUBE 100% biodegradable and recyclable
making this natural deodorant super eco-friendly and healthier for your
-Foot balm massage stick:
Foot Balm – Moisturizer - Heals cracked feet - Push up stick
 Applying foot balm soothes your feet. (relieves psoriasis & eczema)
-Glow face moisturizer:
Face Balm, a powerful solution in a convenient push-up stick format.
Say goodbye to dry skin and acne troubles with the magic of natural
ingredients like beeswax and honey, carefully combined to combat
blemishes effectively.