Beurer ME 90 mobile ECG device

$133.00 USD
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Vendor: Beurer

Mobile ECG device - Mobile 1-channel ECG device for recording heart rhythm
Optimal control of heart rhythm via app + software
Particularly suited to persons with increased health risk caused by:
- high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, family predisposition
- excess weight, lack of physical activity, high consumption of tobacco, stress, lack of sleep
- history of heart attacks and/or strokes
Easy-to use / One-button operation
Small and handy, Easy to read LCD display
Duration of recording: 30 seconds
Recording through: chest-arm-hand or through hand-arm-upper body-arm-hand
Immediate information about heart rhythm after completion of recording
Detects arrhythmia and varied waveforms
36 memory spaces, USB interface and USB cable
System requirements:
Bluetooth¨ 4.0, iOS from version 8.0, Android devices from version 4.4 with Bluetooth¨ low energy technology
Battery status indicator, Automatic switch-off
Date and time, Medical product, Incl. 2 x CR2032 battery