Bioten Skin Repair Night Cream 50ml

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Vendor: Bioten
Bioten has developed SKIN REPAIR 45+ face care line, an advanced antiwrinkle and firming face care system, especially developed to treat mature skin, based on deep knowledge of nature’s power and clinical expertise.
  1. - 86% Ingredients of Natural Origin
  2. - 100% Natural Caviar
  3. - 100% Recyclable Packaging Materials

Bioten SKIN REPAIR night cream is enriched with:
100% natural Caviar extract that highly concentrates valuable minerals, amino-acids and peptides and thus stimulates skin’s collagen synthesis, helping to reduce the wrinkles for a younger looking skin.
Ceramides contained are a natural skin component, which corrects and repairs the protective lipid layer, helping the skin to regain its elasticity and firmness.


Apply every night on cleansed face and neck. Massage gently to help the cream’s better absorption.

Dermatologically Tested/ Suitable for all skin types