BonBon Beauty Exotic Shake Mask - Smooths & Soothes

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Bonbon's collection of face masks are the perfect addition to your skincare routine. Each mask has unique characteristics that target your skin's different needs. 

Sh-sh-shake up your skincare routine with the addition of the Exotic Shake Mask that will unclog pores and give your skin a surge of moisture it deserves, leaving your skin feeling soothed and smooth with a matte finish!

Use two to three times a week. Follow with the Berry Jelly Mask!

Suitable for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin. 

Star Ingredients:

Clay: unclogs pores, removes all the toxins found on the skin, and cleanses it.

Hyaluronic acid: increases hydration in the skin, leaving it looking and feeling fresh and smooth.

Olive extract: balances the moisture levels of the skin without clogging pores.

Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Sodium benzoate, Hyaluronic acid, Elastin Bentonite, Collagen, Clay, Olive Oil, Olive extracts

How to use:

Mix a couple drops of water with 1 ½ tablespoons of the powder until a paste forms. Apply a generous layer on the skin. Avoid the eye area. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes (can be kept on longer if desired). Wash off with warm water. If any irritation occurs, rinse off immediately.

Product size: 50 ml