Closeup Toothpaste White Now Gold 75ml

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Closeup toothpaste have fire freeze first delivers a gentle, hot tingle while it cleans, thanks to a few advanced chemo sensory technologies. The heat is makes from a blend of wintergreen and fragrant spices. Its unique active zinc mouthwash not only cleans deep corners of your mouth of residual germs it also gives you up to 12 hours of fresh breath. It helps your teeth stay strong and healthy thanks to the fluoride in them and its micro shine crystals help reduce the yellowing of your teeth.

How to use

Step 1: Wet the toothbrush bristles.
Step 2: Apply toothpaste to the bristles.
Step 3: Brush your teeth in gentle circular motions for at least two minutes.
Step 4: Make sure to brush all surfaces of your teeth - front, back, and top.
Step 5: Don't forget to brush your tongue for fresh breath.
Step 6: Rinse your mouth and toothbrush thoroughly with water after brushing.
Step 7: Store your toothbrush in a clean and dry place, away from the toilet area.
Step 8: Replace your toothbrush every three to four months or when the bristles become frayed.


Aqua‚óŹSorbitol‚óŹHydrated Silica‚óŹPeg32‚óŹSodium Lauryl Sulfate‚óŹAroma‚óŹCellulose Gum‚óŹSodium Fluoride‚óŹMica‚óŹSodium Saccharin‚óŹPvm/Ma Copolymer‚óŹGlycerin‚óŹTrisodium Phosphate‚óŹSodium Laureth Sulfate‚óŹLecithin‚óŹOleic Acid‚óŹCaprylyl Glycol‚óŹLauryl Alcohol‚óŹLimonene‚óŹCi 74160‚óŹCi 74260‚óŹCi 77891.