Coup D'Eclat Facial Lifting Vials - Instant Glow!

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Size: 12 Vials

12 Vials
3 Vials
Vendor: Coup D'Eclat

COUP D’ECLAT Facial Lifting Vials: Emergency fix. The appearance of expression wrinkles and fine lines seems instantly smoothed out. Signs of fatigue are visibly fading away. Skin is more radiant and brighter. Make-up holds better and longer. Hypoallergenic formula.


Dull complexion, signs of fatigue, expression lines, fine lines.  Quick lifting effect to improve the radiance of the skin
Emergency fix for any special occasions.  For all skin types, even the most sensitive

Available in 2 Sizes.

How to use

Apply in the morning to remove signs of fatigue and boost radiance and in the evening for an immediate beauty flash effect before going out.

  • Almond Proteins
  • Acmella Oleracea
  • Provitamin B5
  • Paraben Free
  • Wheat Protein Free