Declare Q10 Cream

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This firming cream with Q10 is an essential element of the body’s own cells. This cream helps to reduce the appearance of damage caused by the action of free radicals and prevents the appearance of premature skin ageing. Pentacare HP, ceramides and vitamin B5 smooth and firm the appearance of the skin. A special relaxing complex calms and soothes the appearance of the skin.

Apply the product onto perfectly cleansed face and neck with cleaned hands. It is suitable for all skin types.


Co-enzymes Q10 - The co-enzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, was discovered in the 90s by Juvena and integrated in an anti-ageing skincare for the first time. Since then it has established itself in cosmetics as an effective anti-ageing ingredient. Q-10 is a substance found in the body, which in part is absorbed from food but which is also produced by the body itself. In every human cell energy from food is converted into the body’s own energy (ATP). Q-10 plays a direct role in this conversion process as a co-enzyme. Seen from a cosmetic point of view, it thus supports skin regeneration, repairs dysfunctions in the cells, ensures the removal of free radicals and positively influences cell functions in wound-healing.