Dermedic Concentrate Cream For Chronic Redness 40ml

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Vendor: Dermedic

Recommended for night care of hyperactive couperose-affected skin, also in the initial stages of rosacea.

  • Remedy for hyperactive couperose-affected skin,
  • Immediate relief for the skin,
  • Soothes irritation and eliminates the sensations of stinging and itching,
  • Inhibits the appearance of signs of neurodermatitis,
  • Prevents excessive dilation of capillaries,
  • Brings the skin an immediate sense of relief and calm,
  • Protects epidermal cells against oxidative stress and seals blood vessel walls,
  • Cools overheated skin and alleviates the sensations of stinging and itching,
  • Non-comedogenic,
  • Hypoallergenic with thermal water

How to use

Apply the product evenly to the face, neck and‚ decolletage and leave until fully absorbed.


Active ingredients: Complex Rosashield, Neutrazen™, Troxerutin, Ennacomplex, Questice, Olive oil, Phytosqalane, Avocado oil, Vitamin E, Allantoin