EcoTools Jade Facial Roller and Eye Roller Duo

$13.55 USD
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Vendor: Eco Tools

The EcoTools Jade Roller Duo is made with our specialty sourced Jade and designed to help reduce puffiness and smooth the skin.

EcoTools Jade Facial Roller and Eye Roller is a total skincare essential. This duo is one of a kind by targeting areas on the skin to leave you looking and feeling younger. While continuing our signature eco-friendly array of makeup, skincare, and bath care.

From the moment you wake up to the minute to go to sleep, there is always an EcoTool for you

How to use

Start at the chin and roll outward towards the hairline to secure the firmness of the skin. Continue this movement throughout the rest of the face and neck area for tightness.

Use the larger end of the roller for the cheeks and forehead and the smaller end for the under the eyes and around the nose. After each use, rinse thoroughly and air dry. The