Elgydium Antiplaque Toothbrush Soft Bristles

$6.25 USD
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Vendor: Elgydium

The Elgydium Anti-Plaque Toothbrush Is Designed To Combat Bacterial Dental Plaque. Featuring Soft, Diamond-Disc Rounded Tynex Bristles.

This Toothbrush Is 30% More Effective Against Dental Plaque Than Regular Toothbrushes.

As Demonstrated In A Study Conducted By Apiou, Gueguen, Doleux, And Bonnaure-Mallet (Journal Of Clinical Periodontology, 1994). The Crossed Bristle Pattern Enables The Toothbrush To Remove More Dental Plaque Than A Typical Manual Toothbrush.

Ideal For Adults.

The Elongated Head And Soft Bristles Make It Gentle On Teeth And Gums, While Its Effectiveness In Plaque Removal Is Supported By Scientific Research, Making It A Valuable Dental Hygiene Tool.

How to use

It Is Recommended For Use Three Times A Day After Meals, Paired With A Toothpaste Formulated To Fight Dental Plaque.