Filorga Global Repair Advanced Cream 50ml

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Vendor: Filorga
  • CONCERN: anti-aging, cellular aging, repairing, collagen production, nutrition, dark spots, contour definition, wrinkles, firmness, homogeneity, radiance, micro-relief, elasticity, tone and density.
  • SKIN TYPE: Perfect for all mature skin types

Filorga Global-Repair Advanced Youth Cream Repair 50ml offers a multifaceted approach to aging signs by targeting three critical skin levels: surface, structural, and cellular. The cream's foundation lies in its unique formula with 94% natural-origin ingredients, drawing inspiration from lipid-rich dressings utilized in post-procedure aesthetic medicine. A patented repair factor is at the core of this formulation, incorporating a blend of lipids essential for enhancing the skin's natural repair process. In this case, it acts at the surface level. Then, a tree of life extract plays an instrumental role in slowing down cellular aging, hence acting at the cellular level. To conclude, on the structural level, Lakesis oil stimulates collagen production. The efficacy of this cream is further amplified by a harmonious blend of oils and ceramides, providing revitalizing nutrition to the skin. The presence of peony extract helps redefine facial contours, while bisabolol acts to fight dark spots.


As a result, this cream acts on 10 types of aging signs: wrinkles, firmness, homogeneity, radiance, micro-relief, elasticity, nutrition, tone, density, and contours redefined. Designed with all mature skin types in mind, this anti-aging cream boasts a melting and comfortable texture that envelops the skin.

How to use

Apply Filorga Global-Repair Advanced Youth Cream Repair 50ml to the face, neck, and décolleté. Apply upward movements from the neckline towards the oval of the face to sculpt the contour of the face.

Time of application: morning and evening


A patented repair factor, comprising a blend of lipids essential, helps reconstruct the skin barrier;

Lakesis oil is renowned for its ability to boost collagen production. By stimulating collagen synthesis, this ingredient aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, thus promoting firmer skin;

Tabebuia impetiginosa bark extract, also known as the 'tree of life,' can prevent and slow down cellular senescence - the process by which cells age and lose their ability to function properly. Given that, this extract helps maintain the longevity of skin cells, contributing to a more youthful-looking complexion;

Damask rose extract brightens the complexion and evens out the skin tone, therefore giving the skin a luminous appearance;

Peony extract acts on the face contours to provide a redefined oval appearance;

Bisabolol helps visibly reduce dark spots by inhibiting melanin synthesis;

Camellia oil, abundant in omega 3-6-9, offers lasting nourishment and brightens the skin.