Frezyderm Ac-Norm Active Cleanser 200ml

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Vendor: Frezyderm
A mild liquid cleanser for all types of acne prone skin that removes excess oil, daily grime and makeup while treating acne. 

The cleanser is enriched with Moringa Peptides that prevent acne, cleanse the skin and provide protection from environmental pollution. While multi-hydrox acids (AHA - BHA) reduce the appearance of oil and oil production and Deepsan reduces dermal intolerance and irritations. 

Dermatologically tested
How to use

Use twice a day on face, back and chest. Apply to wet skin, clean mildly rubbing circularly and rinse with plenty of water.


Poly-hydroxy acids AHA – BHA: Keratolysis | Sebum-regulation| Antimicrobial action
Moringa peptides: Cleansing | Protection from pollution
Deepsan: Reduction of skin intolerance and irritations