Frezyderm Nipple Care Restructuring Cream-Gel 40ml

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Vendor: Frezyderm
Regenerating cream that restores cracked and inflamed nipples after breastfeeding. It reduces inflammation and accelerates the healing of minor wounds caused by breastfeeding. The cream’s specific composition absorbs residue milk and infant saliva and protects against inflections and mastitis.
Contains low level lanolin for maximum toxicological safety
It is a perfectly safe product not causing any allergies.
It does not alter the natural feeling of the nipple for the infant.

Dermatologically tested
How to use

Breastfeeding: Allow the nipples to dry naturally after feeding, then gently apply the cream.



Chamomile Extract | Calendula: Alleviating action | Reduction of inflammations.
Extracts of Avocado, Olea europaea, Oryza: Healing | Hydration | Regeneration | Adsorption liquid residues on the teats.