Frezyderm Sun Screen Mousse Face & Body SPF30 200ml

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Frezyderm Sunscreen Mousse SPF30 is a face and body sunscreen in the form of foam (mousse), highly water-resistant. Thanks to its innovative texture, it spreads very easily, thus achieving a uniform distribution with a continuous protection film. It leaves no traces of oiliness, while it has antioxidant action.

It offers prolonged and stable protection from sunlight and environmental pollutants, protects skin stem cells and DNA, as well as its self-repair mechanisms. As a result, it protects against photoaging and photosensitivity.

Suitable for:

All types and phototypes. Ideal for dry, dehydrated skin, as well as for men's skin

How to use

Apply sunscreen to dry skin 20-30 minutes before sun exposure, making sure that all exposed areas of skin are evenly covered such as your feet and the area behind the knees. Apply plenty of sunscreen. For the body of an adult, an amount of 2 tbsp is required. Reapply every 2 hours and immediately after swimming of toweling dry.