Geske Facial Hydration Refresher 4 In 1

$33.25 USD
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Vendor: Geske

Keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated is no longer confined to your home or the salon with this portable facial mister.

Meet the SmartAppGuided™ Facial Hydration Refresher, a pocket-friendly beauty device that gives your skin the much-needed boost of hydration and freshness wherever you are.

Our own Moisturizing Cooling Mist Technology works by splitting water droplets into ultra-small molecules in the form of mist that helps the effective components penetrate past the surface layer of the skin, granting you the full benefits of the Energizing Hydra Refreshing Technology.

Say goodbye to irritated skin with the device's Redness and Dry Skin Reducer feature. The ultra-fine mist will soothe your skin, giving it a beautiful and fresh glow.

Battery : Li-Ion 3.7V

Material :ABS - Silicone