Glov Expert Oily Skin Makeup Remover

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Vendor: Glov

Designed for oily skin. GLOV Expert unique fibers cleanse deep pores while smoothly exfoliating.˜The GLOV Expert naturally reduces overactive sebum glands, by reducing excess sebum, while minimizing oil production and cleansing pores without drying them out. The GLOV Expert fibers are durable enough to be washed in a washing machine (do not use softener).

How to remove makeup with the GLOV Expert Oily Skin glove?

1. Wet the glove in warm or cool water (higher temperature will help dissolve makeup faster).

2. Place the dampened glove on your face, hold it for a few seconds and start gently massaging the skin. You don't have to rub it - the fibers will attract your makeup like a magnet.

3. After removing make-up, wash the glove with a dedicated Magnet Cleanser or gray bar soap and leave it to dry. Remember to let the product dry by itself - do not put it on the radiator, just hang it on a hook.