Glov Quick Treat Makeup Remover

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Color: Ivory

Bouncy Blue
Cheeky Peach
Vendor: Glov

Quick Treat has a comfortable form that resembles a thimble - just put the mini-product on your finger, slightly moisten it with water and gently remove any excess or unwanted element of make-up (even the waterproof one) or correct makeup in hard-to-reach places, e.g. corners eyes or mouth. Thanks to its convenient, handy form and the possibility of reusable up to three months, it will become one of your favorite cosmetic accessories!


1.After what time should the glove be replaced? The recommended period of use is 3 months

2. What material is the glove made of? The composition of the gloves can be deceptive at first glance. By checking the descriptions, you will see that the gloves and swabs are made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, of course completely safe for the skin and dermatologically tested.

3. How to clean and dry a glove? We do not wash the gloves in a washing machine. It is best to clean them by hand with a plain, gray bar of soap or with our special Magnet Cleanser soap. After use, hang to dry. Do not dry on radiators or in tumble dryers.

4. Can the glove be used only for facial cleansing? Of course, the glove can be used to cleanse the face, even when we do not have makeup on it. We encourage you to wash your face with a glove in the morning after waking up. 

5. Can the gloves be used with other cosmetics? The gloves can be used both with water only and with your favorite cosmetics such as gel or micellar liquid.