L'Oréal Professionnel Instant Clear Shampoo 300 ml

$15.25 USD
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To get rid of dandruff, it’s not enough to just eliminate the visual side of it all, it’s also important to restore the health of the scalp and hair. This is what L'Oreal Instant Clear shampoo is all about. After the first application, you will notice that there is no dandruff, scalp will be less itchy, and the natural oil balance will be restored. Shampoo is made using unique technology of alpha-pyrite, which contains zinc pyrithine, for combating dandruff, and alpha-bisabolol, to eliminate itching and unpleasant skin sensations.

Thanks to the balanced formula, this shampoo gently takes care of and cleanses hair and scalp, keeping the hair clean and properly moisturized for a long time. Shampoo takes care of the greasy shine that the hair can get and makes it softer, smoother, more elastic and gives it a natural looking shine. Hair becomes so much easier to comb, it will look clean, fresh and well-groomed. Please note that the list of ingredients for the products is updated regularly. Always check the up-to-date product ingredients on the product packaging to make sure it suits you.