Lattafa Khashabi Men Perfume 100ml

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Vendor: Lattafa

LATTAFA Khashabi - a gem from the kingdom of Arabic fragrances, launched in 2018, crafted for both men and women. This luxurious and sensual fragrance turns into an enchanting symphony of "sexy" scents, opening an incredible world of mystery, inspired by Eastern traditions and exoticism.

The scent journey begins with fresh citrus notes of bergamot, which blend with a delicious, sweet fruit accord. Crisp green apple tones, sharp and provocative notes of saffron and rhubarb allow you to sense the passionate heart hidden in the beginning of the fragrance.

Taking form in the middle, the scent symphony opens the deepest secret of Eastern oils, enriching the composition with smoky essential oil, sun amber and rare, precious oils. Elegant wood tones, inspired by cashmere, and an exquisite harmony of white jasmine scent further deepen the complexity of this aroma.

Finally, "Khashabi" fragrance is subtly enveloped in sweet notes of burnt caramel, nobly complemented with creamy sandalwood and subtly aged vetiver. This composition finale leaves an unforgettable, long-lasting scent trail, arousing a lustful desire to experience this fragrance symphony again.

LATTAFA Khashabi is not just a scent. It's an experience, a challenge to your scent perception and an invitation to travel to unknown scent worlds.

  • Top notes: bergamot, apple, saffron
  • Heart notes: amber, wood, jasmine
  • Base notes: caramel, sandalwood, vetiver