M.A.D Breakout Control Daily Moisturizer 50ml

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A lightweight, daily moisturizer tames oil production and calms irritated skin. Breakout Control Daily Moisturizer helps skin look and feel great as botanicals, such as Chamomile and Ginger Root, control sebum production and gentle moisturization keeps skin from feeling dry and irritated.

Does not contain parabens or chemical colorants. 


How to use

After using a cleanser and a toner, apply Breakout Control Daily Moisturizer to affected areas, avoiding contact with eyes. The synergy of botanicals works together to improve oil control, soothe irritations and moisturize dry skin helping you look your best - skin is left soothed and comforted.


Tea Tree Oil A naturally occurring essential oil helps fight and control bacteria.

Peppermint Oil A natural skin soother helps tame reddened and irritated skin.

Ginger Root Extract Nature's own circulation booster helps heal and clarify skin.

Witch Hazel Nature's astringent helps minimize pores and refine skin without irritation.

Alp Sebum Produced from the Alpine plant Epilobium fleischeri, Alp Sebum is an innovative ingredient with proven efficacy against oily skin. It is anti-inflammatory and also reduces the size and appearance of clogged pores. It is non-comedogenic and is ideal for products treating T-zone oiliness and combination skin and targeting pore size reduction. It has also shown to decrease sebum production and aid in inflammation. In vivo and in vitro efficacy tests have confirmed these properties. These studies based on cultured human keratinocytes show the ability of Alp Sebum to dramatically decrease the production of pro-inflammatory cells as well as reduce sebum production thereby improving the cutaneous state.