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NHCO Myactide-RX - Abdominal belt, Drying and toned


Brand NHCO

Holds two different formulas, Morning and Evening, with one essential amino acid, L-Arginine, guarana extract which helps increase energy output in specific areas, green tea promoting fat burning, dandelion participates in the elimination functions of the body, and zinc contributing to normal protein synthesis, more particularly in the muscle.

Fat that is mainly stored in the hips and abdominals is promoted by physical inactivity.
To reshape the body and tone muscles, it is advantageous to adopt beneficial impulses such as physical activity and dietary measures.
In order to help you, MYACTIDE-RX is a food supplement containing specific active ingredients that facilitates weight loss and stimulates toning of the body.

To formulate MYACTIDE-RX, NHCO Nutrition Laboratories relied on the role of the latest NO (Nitric Oxide) research on mitochondrial activity, the power plants of the body.

The MAP-proNO• complex (Mitochondrial Activating ProcessproNO), is an L-Arginine-based complex, a precursor amino acid for NO, it is combined with vitamin B6 and Zinc, which participates in regular protein metabolism, specifically muscle proteins that contribute to body tonicity.
To promote the destocking of adipose areas, the Thermo-D complex in MYACTIDE-RX contains concentrated guarana extract which contributes to increased energy output of the body and also helps reduce the feeling of hunger. The Thermo-D complex is also made up of a tea extract which promotes the combustion of fats, it also contains dandelion which participates in the waste and detoxification functions of the body. These combined properties contribute to weight loss.
The CFM-SP 480 complex holds Chromium and three essential amino acids which includes Tryptophan, a serotonin precursor.
MYACTIDE-RX Day and Evening is a complete formula for a continuous action also bringing L-Carnitine and Choline.

Recommended Use During meals
Morning 2 white capsules
Evening 2 brown capsules
4 weeks / Renew if necessary.

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