O.B. Procomfort Tampons 16S

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Size: Normal

Super Plus
Vendor: Carefree

O.B. ProComfort Normal Tampons are great for first-time tampon users, or for women with light to moderate flow.

Designed with a unique SilkTouch technology, O.B. ProComfort Normal Tampons provides easy insertion, removal and ultimate comfort. These tampons also feature the DynamicFit technology with 3D expansion, to adapt to your body when in place and efficiently and effectively redirect the fluid upwards via its Interlocked Grooves for reliable protection, while its StayDry technology helps keep the string dry so that you feel clean and fresh all day long.

O.B. ProComfort Tampons are also available in Super, Super Plus and Mini absorbency levels.

O.B. tampons, reliable protection fit for you!

Features & Benefits:
• Interlocked Grooves to guide redirect fluid upwards
• SilkTouch technology for easy insertion, removal and ultimate comfort
• Offers reliable protection against spills and leaks
• StayDry technology to keep you feeling clean and fresh
• Ideal for first-time tampons users or women with moderate flow (6 to 9g)
• Free from menstrual odour
• Complete protection from stains
• Safe and convenient to use
• Gynaecologist tested

About the brand:
Designed small to protect big, o.b. tampons are non-applicator tampons that offer women ultimate protection and comfort.

Created by a female gynaecologist to expand all around and custom-fit a woman’s body perfectly, o.b. tampons have curved grooves for locked-in protection. Thanks to their mighty small size, they are more discreet and easier to carry and store than other tampons, while offering all the protection of an applicator brand.

O.B. tampons are made of two types of rayon and polyester string. The cover for o.b. ORIGINAL is made of polyester/polyethylene non-woven material and that of o.b. PRO COMFORT is made of polyethylene/polypropylene film. 90% of raw materials used for o.b. tampons come from renewable resources.

How to use:
Please refer to the step-by-step user guide: http://www.ob-tampons.com/faq/how-to-insert-non-applicator-tampon

Safety warnings:
For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. The enclosed instructions about tampon use include important information regarding menstrual TSS, a rare but serious illness. Please read it and save it for your health and hygiene.