Oils Of Nature Aroma Essential Box

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Set includes:

  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil 5 Ml : Eucalyptus Essential Oil With Its Strong Herbaceous, Woody, Minty Scent, Is Perfect For Stimulating And Uplifting. The Aroma Can Help Give You The Mental Boost You Need. It Also Has Purifying Properties.

  • Lavender Essential Oil 5 Ml : Lavender Essential Oil Is Known As One Of The Most Popular And Versatile Oils, And For Good Reason! Its Sweet, Floral, Herbal Scent Alone Produces Calming And Relaxing Effects.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil 5 Ml: Tea Tree Essential Oil Has Over 90 Different Compounds And Limitless Applications. The Leaves Of The Tea Tree Have Been Used By The Aboriginal Peoples Of Australia For Centuries. They Would Apply Crushed Leaves Directly To The Skin For A Cooling Effect. Tea Tree Is Best Known For Its Purifying Properties. It Can Be Used To Cleanse And Purify The Skin And Nails And To Support A Healthy Looking Complexion. Tea Tree Is Used On Occasional Skin Irritations To Soothe The Skin And Diffusing Tea Tree Will Help Purify And Freshen The Air.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil 5 Ml: Peppermint Essential Oil Invigorates The Senses And Helps Promote Energy And Alertness. The Smell Is Both Soothing And Enlightening. With Many Amazing Uses For This Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil Is A Valuable Addition To Any Oil Collection *Adds Flavor To Your Food *Relieves Tension Headaches

  • Rosemary Essential Oil 5 Ml: Rosemary Is An Aromatic, Evergreen Shrub Whose Leaves Are Frequently Used To Flavor Foods Such As Stuffings, Pork, Roast Lamb, Chicken, And Turkey. Along With Its Culinary Applications, Rosemary Has Many Benefits. Rosemary Supports Healthy Digestion And Internal Organ Function Long Revered By Experts, Rosemary Was Considered Sacred By The Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, And Hebrew Cultures.