Potion Kitchen Aura Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

$69.00 USD
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Aura Aroma Diffuser resembles a combination of moon dust and starlight that create an out of this world experience! Aura is designed to uplift your space with high pulse aromas that scent your home naturally. Blend your favorite essential oils in the diffuser to set your home and workspace atmosphere up to the desired mood. It has a ceramic cover and optional lighting with a silent sound, and it diffuses a capacity of 50 sqm.

  • Capacity: 100mL – 200mL
  • Weight: 0.52KG
  • Input/Output: 240V
  • Electricity Consumption: 8W
How to use

Read the User Manual accompanied with the diffuser to set it up.
Add between 10 to 20 drops of Potion Kitchen’s 100% pure essential oils to 100mL of water. Put the plastic cap and then ceramic cover back on.

Connect your diffuser to a power source using the provided adapter. To select a time setting, use the On/Off and Power indicator button. One click activates continuous mist release, two clicks enable 30-seconds interval spraying, three clicks set a 1-hour timer, and four clicks set a 2-hours timer.

The LED light setting button can be used to create the desired atmosphere. Pressing it once turns on the LED light and it cycles through different colors automatically. Pressing it twice selects a single color, while pressing it three times adjusts the brightness of the color. A long press of the button turns off the LED light.