Pupa #READY4SELFIE Contouring & Strobing Powder Palette


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Are you ready for a great selfie?
Follow this make-up trend, the art of beautifying the face, minimizing blemishes.
Contouring is the make-up technique used to sculpt face features and to give greater definition to volumes, thanks to light contrasts. Matt powders that are light and silky and allow you to create shadings effects on your face, for a perfect, smooth and natural look.
Strobing is the make-up technique to illuminate the face, emphasizing the high points of the face. An illuminating powder that is rich in golden pearls, which capture light and create stroboscopic effects on your face skin.
The palette contains 4 necessary shades and the make-up tutorial for you to follow to recreate the latest must-have effects.  3 color versions available: for fair, medium and dark skins.


Contouring: The special blend of Pigments and Spherical powders guarantees a prefect hold and creates a natural looking light and shade effect. It stays on flawlessly with absolute comfort. New generation Soft-Focus powders optically reduce imperfections and expression lines, for a fresh looking, smooth and luminous face skin. 

Dermatologist tested
Paraben Free
Fragrance Free

Strobing: A silky formula enriched with precious golden micro pearls that reflect light, making complexion look luminous and radiant.

Find out what shape your face is and follow our make-up school, you only need 4 simple steps:

  1. HIGHLIGHTER: illuminating powder to be used on the high points of the face, perfect for the strobing effect.
  2. LIGHT CONTOUR: A light and slightly colored powder for the central areas of the face, ideal to blend and define contouring and to correct the shaded areas of the face without making complexion look greyish.
  3. MEDIUM CONTOUR: a powder with a medium color, ideal to give color and to blend out the contouring shading.
  4. DARK CONTOUR: a dark powder, ideal to create the intense contouring shade.

4 simple steps for a ready-4-selfie face!

After preparing the make-up base with your usual products – foundation, concealer and face powder - your next step is to move on to contouring with powders 2, 3, and 4, followed by strobing, with the highlighter powder 1. 

Then apply blush to complete your face make-up look. 

Find out what shape your face is and download the make-up tips that are right for you 

This type of face is characterized by gentle and balanced lines. Forehead, cheekbones and chin are harmonious.

This type of face has gentle lines and it develops widthwise. Forehead, cheekbones and chin are not very prominent.

This type of face has sharp lines and it develops vertically. Forehead is big, cheekbones are not very prominent and chin is long. 

This type of face has edgy lines and it develops widthwise. Forehead and jaw are big and cheekbones are prominent.

This type of face has oblong lines and it develops vertically. Forehead is big, the jaw is not prominent and chin is pointed.

Inverted Triangle
This type of face has sharp lines and it develops horizontally. Forehead is more narrow than the jaw and chin is squared.


Dermatologist tested
Paraben free
Fragrance free

Made in Italy