Revox B77 Just Skin Brightening Set 4x30 ml

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Vendor: Revox
Step 1: Gentle cleansing. In the am, start with JUST SQUALANE CLEANSER to remove all impurities and oil build-ups accumulated during the night. The result: your morning face is clean, hydrated, and smooth. The skin feels comfortable, not stripped, and it is ready to absorb the rest of your brightening skincare products.

Step 2: Eye contour toning. Next, gently tap a few drops of JUST CAFFEINE 5% to your under-eye area. Use as directed only in the morning. The result: puffiness and dark circles are visibly decreased. The skin under the eyes looks firm, toned, and bright, giving your whole face a more awake and illuminated appearance.

Step 3: Complexion brightening. Finally, massage a few drops of the powerful antioxidant serum JUST VITAMIN C 20%. Use as directed in the morning to enhance the effectiveness of your SPF*. The result: skin instantly gets fresh, glowing, and ready for the day. In time pigmented spots are visibly decreased, which makes your complexion clear and even.

Step 4: Evening exfoliation. In the pm (preferably after removing makeup and impurities with JUST SQUALANE CLEANSER) a few times a week or as needed, give your skin an effective peeling with JUST GLYCOLIC ACID 20%. Use as directed with rinsing*. The result: dead skin cells that are clogging pores and making skin texture rough are removed. The skin is visibly renewed, with improved clarity and enhanced radiance."