Ruby Rose Facial Compact Powder

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Shade: PC30

Vendor: Ruby Rose

Newest release of the moment Compact Powder with fine texture and light coverage and this wonderful packaging that fits anywhere, comes with 10 colors that you will surely find one you like.
Light finish but with a fine texture, it is comfortable on the face and gives that touch we need in make-up.

How to use

With the help of a makeup brush or sponge, lightly tap the compact powder to remove excess, apply the powder to the face, starting with the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin)

and spreading towards the other areas of the face. Use smooth, circular motions for even coverage.

If you want more intense coverage, apply a second layer of powder to the desired areas.

Be sure to blend the product well, especially in areas close to the neck and hairline, to avoid unwanted color contrasts.

For touch-ups throughout the day, gently apply the powder to areas that are excessively shiny or need a boost of coverage