Samer Khouzami Glimmer Glow Blush

$52.00 USD
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Color: Pink Cosmo


This dazzling blush combines the brilliance of a highlighter with the allure of a pink blush. The Glimmer Glow Highlighter properties bring forth a luminosity like no other, boasting bright pearl pigments that create the perfect shimmer. With excellent skin grip and a weightless feel, this blush delivers buildable coverage for a champagne-kissed glow that lasts all day and night. Let your skin revel in a deliciously effortless wet-look that's bound to turn heads.Let your skin revel in the deliciously effortless wet-look, as the pink color reflects a delicate and sophisticated hue.

Our Peach Punch Glimmer Glow Blush steps into the limelight with its irresistible peachy color, imparting a sun-kissed radiance to your complexion. Infused with bright pearl pigments, the blush guarantees a shimmer that effortlessly enhances your natural beauty. What sets it apart is not just the color, but the exquisite peach finish that adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.The peach finish delicately embraces your skin, leaving you with a natural, sunlit glow that is both captivating and timeless.

Ignite your makeup routine with the warmth of Bourbon Bronze! This Glimmer Glow Blush introduces a warm bronze hue that imparts a sunlit glow to your skin. The highlighter properties create a mesmerizing shimmer with deep velvet luminosity, offering excellent skin grip. Enjoy the weightless feel and long-lasting wear, allowing you to embrace a luminous, bronzed look that exudes sophistication.
Elevate your makeup game with the Glimmer Glow Blushers – where vibrant hues meet radiant luminosity.