SVR Clairial Night Peel 50ml

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50ml - Years go by, stains appear and settle in. We all want to get our doll's complexion back, so let's take action!

For who? For what?

For all sensitive skin types. For all types of brown spots related to skin ageing, irregular skin tone, imperfection marks, sun exposure. Face. Adults.

As the years go by, spots appear and settle in. We all want to find our doll's complexion, so we take action!

Clairial Night Peel is a peeling that acts on stains but at home. The core formula of our star product Clairial Serum has been combined with a papaya enzyme that, thanks to its surface keratolytic action, reduces stains. From the 1st night, the skin is clearer and more radiant. Night after night, the spots are less visible, the skin is more homogeneous and radiant.

Its expert brush applicator allows a homogeneous and precise application, and you will be caressed by the cheek for a moment of pleasure.

- 20%(1) of the intensity of the spots in 14 nights

- 35%(1) of the complexion's radiance

- 22%(1) of the refined skin texture

How does it work?

A peeling allows to act on the stains. On the other hand, it can be irritating, which can lead to the appearance of new stains. Clairial Night Peel combines softness with a keratolytic action for a cocooning moment at home.


- Depigmenting complex: Reduces all types of spots
- Papaya enzyme: Gently exfoliates and accelerates depigmentation
- Niacinamide + Anti-stress yeasts: Boosts the skin barrier's recovery capacity

How to use it?

In the evening, turn the brush tip to on and apply Clairial Night Peel with a single brush stroke in a thin layer. To clean it, turn the brush to off. Hygiene guaranteed, no risk of contamination! 

CAUTION: In case of discomfort (tingling, heating,...), adapt the treatment to your skin by spacing the applications. Avoid the eye area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. Avoid sun exposure. In case of exposure to the sun, protect your skin with very high sun protection.